Sound Masking Systems for Speech Privacy

Sound Masking is a technique whereby a soothing background noise is introduced into an environment to cover up, or “mask”, the speech intelligibility of conversations throughout a given space. Despite its name, it does not cancel sound energy, or make it inaudible. This is a scientifically calibrated background sound which is specific to the area and often described as sounding like air blowing through a heating or air condition system.


sound masking services

The background sound comes from an electronic noise generator, which is calibrated and optimized to match the acoustics of the space and the type of sound to be masked. It is then amplified through distributed speaker system which is strategically installed throughout an area. Sound Masking reduces or eliminates the awareness of existing sounds in a given area and often makes the work environment more relaxing.


Sound Masking is often used for enhancing speech privacy so that workers are less distracted by nearby conversations. The speech intelligibility of remote conversations declines with the increase in sound masking volume, thereby increasing concentration and productivity among workers.


These systems can be used almost anywhere to ensure speech privacy inside and outside of sensitive areas such as: call centers, conference rooms, consultation rooms, doctors’ offices, military facilities, open office environments (like the one pictured above), reception areas, waiting rooms, etc. Call today for more info!


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