Line Card Samples

We offer a product Line Card from many notable manufacturers:

Prevco Audio produces commercial grade Engineered Sound and Music Systems optimized for: speech intelligibility, accurate music reproduction, uniform coverage, extremely user-friendly operation, and longevity.

We always try to provide the best “bang for the buck” using real-world experiences – not salesperson hype! Sometimes, a positive cost/benefit ratio isn’t there
for our clients’ needs with certain products, so we shy away from them. We don’t push manufacturers’ products to meet sales quotas, we don’t have ANY.
We’re a small business with a big footprint, focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Reputation and Referrals drive our business.

Serving New England: Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Financial, Government, Health Care, Hospitality, House of Worship, Industrial, Institution, Research, Retail, Scientific, Sporting markets and others since 2002.

We also Network with Architectural, Construction, Consulting, Contracting, Engineering and other firms, or your In-House Team – looking to Outsource, Affiliate, or Collaborate on projects of various scopes and sizes.

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