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church audio system

Prevco Audio was responsible for revamping the sound system in this modern style church into a high-energy system, able to deliver uniform coverage to every seat in the house with maximum volume before feedback, for both the spoken word and live music. The challenging demands of this semi-circle seating arrangement, coupled with a high-energy praise and worship band, required a semi-circle of large, two-way (high frequency and mid-range) speaker enclosures mounted up at the ceiling, with two dual subwoofer boxes built into the stage. With a large mixing console, a rack full of power amplifiers and calibrated programmable audio processing, this sound system was optimized to do it all.



church sound system

Prevco Audio was responsible for upgrading the public address / sound reinforcement system being used in this large box shaped church with auditorium style seating. This church was converted from a cement block warehouse with an open metal ceiling and exposed steel beams. The goal was to be able to provide uniform coverage to every seat at high sound pressure levels for both speech and live music. By selecting and arranging speaker enclosures with different dispersion patterns, uniform coverage was achieved while feedback and slap-back echo problems were resolved. With the use of programmable digital audio processing, via a spectrum analyzer and laptop, the transformation was complete.



Prevco Audio was responsible for providing intelligible speech and full-range music for this traditional style and highly reverberant church. Using all state-of-the-art equipment with the latest in line array and subwoofer speaker technologies, there isn’t a bad seat in the house! Here, both the dedicated service microphones and the music ministry operate using two completely independent mixers. Now, regardless of the service and/or music ministry requirements, the settings for both remain constant, with little-to-no headache between the two. Since they share the same processing, amplifier and speakers, both the spoken word and the music ministry remain loud and clear – and everywhere!




Prevco Audio was responsible for replacing an improperly designed sound system in this extremely reverberant, cathedral style church. Where applicable, the previous rack and some of its equipment were reused in the redesign and rebuild of this sound system. Notice the eight, white, thin, line array speakers on the columns – four on each side. They provide a uniform, wide and even distribution of sound throughout the entire church. These eight speakers replaced the one, green painted, large, line array speaker on the corner column behind the pulpit (visible in this picture) which attempted to cover this entire space using brute force. Now, with this properly engineered system, there’s consistent volume and intelligible speech throughout, with very little energy being reflected off the hard surfaces of the room. If you don’t want spend your money twice – be sure to call us first!

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